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Ready for Dry January?


We can all agree that 2020 has been a tough year for many of us. It might have been easy to turn to that extra glass of wine or let our good habits slip away.

That's why we're inviting you to “Get Back in Your Gruv” in 2021- let’s kick off the new year hangover-free and work on building better, healthier habits.

Why Participate?

There are so many reasons why you might want to join in on a dry month- whether it’s because you need a break, want to save some money, or just prove you can do it- first ask yourself why you want to participate. Give yourself a reason to stay motivated this month!

Take some time to understand what you want most out of your participation, and what it means for you to “get back in your gruv”.

Still on the fence? Check out our article on the benefits of a booze free month here.

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Check out our Dry January

Wellness Kits!

This Dry January we are beyond excited to have collaborated with some amazing small businesses in the health and wellness sector to create a special “survival kit” for those participating in Dry January. The wellness kit includes all the essentials to support you along this journey and help you get into that booze-free routine.

Right now our wellness kits are $15 off- discount applies at checkout!

What’s Inside?

Indulge in Candid’s healthy organic cacao bites. Made from whole cacao pods and organic superfoods to create a healthy chocolate snack crafted for afternoon delight. 

Want to know more about Candid? Co-founder, Chris Kajander, gave chocolate a makeover by stripping away the added sugars, emulsifiers, and other unhealthy ingredients you find in everyday chocolates. Instead, he uses the whole cacao pod - seed and fruit- to let chocolate’s inner-beauty shine. The result; clean, organic cacao bites full of antioxidants and crafted for afternoon delight. 

You’ll get JOYÀ’s adaptogenic elixir blends, helping you reach peak performance and perfecting your morning routine.

Want to know more about JOYÀ? JOYÀ’s founder, Ruth, is a lifelong wellness enthusiast and classically trained chef who briefly pursued a career as a corporate lawyer. Experiencing health issues, Ruth reconnected with her culinary roots, only this time on an even deeper level. She studied holistic nutrition, and eventually healed herself through a clean diet and powerful botanicals.

These experiences sparked Ruth’s love affair with the ingredients that inspire JOYÀ’s products. The JOYÀ team harnesses the potential of the most revered traditional ingredients on the planet to craft expertly formulated superfoods and functional herbal blends that support optimal health and are easy to add to your daily routine.

Take your booze-free cocktails to the next level, with Sukk’s limited edition sustainable cocktail straws!

Want to know more about Sukk?

Their mission is to create sustainable drinking products that fit your personal style. Doing good for the environment can also look good. More and more of us make a conscious consumer choice that benefits the world we live in.

While, we all want to enjoy our Tall, Grande, or Venti drinks in peace, knowing that 90% of the 30 million tons of plastic waste we generate in America goes to landfill sucks. Fortunately, you can now enjoy your favorite coffee or cocktail while doing right by the environment, with Sukk’s line of sustainable and stylish straws!

You’ll receive the Pacha Soap Flower Power Brew, loaded with botanicals that help rejuvenate and balance your body so you can prioritize self-care with ease.

Want to know more about Pacha Soap?

Pacha Soap Co. is a bunch of Dirty Hippies with a Clean Purpose! Headquartered in Hastings, Nebraska, they make it all, from bar soaps and bath bombs to shampoo and body soap, Pacha’s got you covered.

Pacha Soap is on a mission to implement sustainable solutions to the poverty cycle, to promote health and well-being around the world, and to provide quality products to their customers, with veracity and love. To put it simply, Pacha Soap’s mission is to Raise the Bar! Every purchase supports radically transparent and ethical sourcing, clean water initiatives, hygiene education, and small business opportunities worldwide.

You’ll get a Mantra Magazine. The perfect read for all the tips to get back to the present moment.

Mantra Magazine is a magazine that celebrates well-being! Want to know more about mindfulness? Curious about eliminating chemicals from your body & home? Looking for inspiring quotes to keep you going? Well then, Mantra is the perfect read for you!

You’ll also receive a ‘Feeling Grüvi candle’. So you can uplift your space, this collab with Wooly Wax Candles will keep you energized & well… feeling Grüvi!

We are very thrilled to have collaborated with Wooly Wax Candles, a Denver-based candle company, to create a custom scented ‘Feeling Grüvi’ candle. In order to come up with the perfect scent, we chatted with founder, Rachel Woolcott, to design something that felt uplifting and vibrant. Something that would energize and motivate you to work towards a healthier well-being. The ‘Feeling Grüvi’ scent is bold and bright and contains notes of cucumber, lemon, lime, oak moss, rose, and strawberry. We hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, what kind of Dry January box would it be without the perfect Grüvi glassware to pour your fave zeroproof Cocktail into? Exactly what we thought. So we created a custom Grüvi glass featuring our #SkipTheHangover slogan to remind you what you’re (not) missing out on.

Keep Track with our Calendar

Click on the image below to download our January calendar so you can keep track all month long! 

Craft Your Own Mocktail

We will be featuring some exciting new mocktails throughout the month! Check out the newest ones below:

Rosé, Lavender & Pomegranate Sour

This recipe is courtesy of Tara from the Bear Necessities- check out her blog for more tasty recipes like this!

This recipe features our bubbly rosé, tart pomegranate juice and fresh lavender syrup. Check out the recipe to create your own!


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