Complements Your Life, With Health In Every Sip.

Gruvi is the beer or wine to drink that will perfectly enhance your life experiences and your own health and wellness.


Safe To Pair With Cannabis

It is widely considered to be harmful to mix alcohol and cannabis. Not only can it compromise the experience you’re seeking with your cannabis, but it can lead to ‘green-outs’ or other harmful reactions. Because Gruvi is non-alcoholic, it can be consumed safely alongside your cannabis. But, unlike other non-alcoholic options, Gruvi still delivers the taste and experience you’re really looking for.

Packed With Health-Enhancing Terpenes

We hand-picked ingredients that can have some very beneficial effects on your overall health. Gruvi IPA is filled with hops, containing humulene which can enable relaxation and even suppress hunger. Our Weisse beer contains limonene, known to help elevate mood and energy. And our Prosecco contains linalool, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Each Gruvi is more than just a beverage. It’s a gateway to an improved experience, shared with others.



The Low-Calorie Thirst Quencher You Really Want

One of the side-effects of consuming cannabis is a dry mouth (also known as cotton-mouth). It’s in these moments that you might turn to a bottle of soda or even glass of alcohol. But these drinks actually make you thirstier. We believe that you should consider a thirst-quenching, delicious, ice-cold beer or wine that is not only going to relieve your thirst, but will preserve your cannabis experience and your own health too. Let Gruvi's natural lemon peel or wine grapes help to wake up those saliva glands. And, each Gruvi contains a very low amount of calories. With as few as 26 calories, you’ll be able to consume a perfectly carbonated Gruvi over the course of an evening, without any regrets.