The Drink You Deserve

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, consuming some cannabis or even relaxing in the park, you want a drink to quench your thirst, but without any of the calories or hangovers. You shouldn’t have to compromise. You deserve an exceptional-tasting ‘adult beverage’, but without regrets or risks. This is why we made Gruvi, the beverage that truly completes life’s experiences

For Your Social Experience

Getting together with friends or loved ones over a drink is what makes life so memorable. Gruvi’s sophisticated taste and complete lineup gives you the social experience you crave, with the ones most important to you.


For Your Health

Starting at only 26 calories (yes, 26 calories), Gruvi challenges the status quo on the health of your beer or wine. Gruvi means no hangovers, no unwanted food cravings, and no headaches. Enjoy a fresh mind, and a productive following morning.

For Your Taste and Enjoyment

We brewed Gruvi to taste simply exceptional. We use onlynatural ingredients, and brew Gruvi in beautiful Canada. Our beers are crisp and flavorful, our Proseccos bubbly and bold. Enjoy a Gruvi and enjoy its exceptional taste.