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The Drink You Deserve

We have brewed Gruvi to perfectly complement your cannabis experience. A non-alcoholic, low-calorie line of beers and wines, Gruvi is the healthy, exceptional-tasting beer or wine that you want, but without any of the regrets or risks of mixing alcohol and cannabis. We have also made each Gruvi with ingredients rich in beneficial terpenes that can elevate your mood, suppress your hunger, or reduce anxiety. Consuming cannabis? Then make sure to quench your thirst with a delicious, exceptional-tasting Gruvi.

The Perfect Complement

Like ketchup to french fries, or coffee to cake, Gruvi truly completes your cannabis experience. Each ingredient was hand-picked to awaken your senses and bring out the subtle aromas of the cannabis you're consuming. Nothing will preserve your experience, or health, more than Gruvi’s low-calorie, no-alcohol profile.


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"For cannabis consumers, it’s one of the few drinks they’ll both want and need."

— Nick Pateras, Cannabis Thought Leader & Cannabis Sommelier

Brewed With Purpose

Our Story


Healthy Beer and Wine. Seriously.

Doesn’t it feel like a night-out with friends comes at the expense of your following day? Or that a bunch of beer or wine can put a wrench in your plan to stay active and reach your wellness goals? When you want a refreshing drink, but don’t want to compromise your health, look no further than Gruvi. No alcohol and as few as 26 calories (for the entire drink!), Gruvi can be enjoyed without any regrets, or trade-offs. Your wealth is your health, and the beverage you consume shouldn’t compromise that. Get Gruvi, be healthy, and drink unapologetically.