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Unbelievable taste. Unbelievably healthy.

Finally, an exceptional lineup of craft, non-alcoholic, beers and wines are here for you to enjoy. Gruvi is the low calorie, terpene infused beer and wine that you’ve always wanted, without any of the regrets or risks of drinking alcohol. We brew each Gruvi with ingredients rich in beneficial terpenes that can elevate mood, suppress hunger, or reduce anxiety. Enjoying the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle? Looking to safely complement your cannabis experience? Hanging out with friends? Get Gruvi.

What’s It Like To Get Gruvi?

Getting Gruvi means staying out late without waking up hungover. It means drinking what you want to drink, while still staying active. With exceptional craft taste, no alcohol and as few as 26 calories (for the entire drink!), Gruvi can be enjoyed without any regrets, or trade-offs. Your wealth is your health, and the beverage you consume shouldn’t compromise that. Get Gruvi, be healthy, and drink amazing tasting beers and wines, unapologetically.


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"Healthy and craft non-alcoholic beer that I can safely drink for hours? This is a day that I never thought would come."

— Rick H, Thirsty Gruvi Customer

Brewed To Enhance Your Health and Wellness

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