Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer

Alcohol-free beers never tasted this good. Shop our collection of low-calorie non-alcoholic craft beer today for a hangover free tomorrow.

The first day of summer, your best friend’s wedding, and warm days on the beach. Some moments just aren’t the same without a drink in hand. That's why we created Grüvi — NA bevs that taste great and make you feel even better. So what are you waiting for? Join the party!

Tell me more about NA beer!

Who is NA beer for?

Everyone! NA beer contains 0.5% ABV, which is similar to the alcohol content of a regular kombucha and safe for anyone. You can safely drink non-alcoholic beer while pregnant or taking most medications. We also recommend checking with your doctor if you have specific concerns, but otherwise: drink up!

Designated driving, keeping events family-friendly or simply looking to create healthier habits — whatever your reason for choosing to stay sober may be, Gruvi’s got you covered. Alcohol-free beers never tasted this good. Shop our selection of low-calorie vegan non-alcoholic beer for the taste you crave minus the hangover the next day.

How is non-alcoholic beer made?

We use the same fermentation and brewing methods you love, to give our craft beers a truly authentic and hoppy flavor profile. Our brews undergo a lengthy lagering process, which gives them an even more robust flavor profile.

From classic, robust craft beers to special edition small batch limited runs, with Gruvi, staying sober has never been tastier. Grab a can when you want to look and feel like an adult without any regrets or worry.

Where can I drink NA beer?

Whether it’s hosting game day for your family, long hot days at the beach or just relaxing during the week, Gruvi’s alcohol-free beer is the perfect addition to any social event you have on your calendar.

Attend the special occasions, parties and weddings you need without ever having to sacrifice your goals or compromise on flavor. Gruvi lets you enjoy the beverages you want, so you can get in on the fun without ever feeling like you’re missing out.

What are the different types of non-alcoholic beer?

From classic IPAs to stouts and ales, we have a wide variety of craft non-alcoholic beer flavors for everyone to enjoy. Who said staying sober has to be boring? Pop open a refreshing can of Gruvi and let the good times roll in.

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