Non-Alcoholic Wine

“Even better than alcohol!” Shop our award-winning alc-free wine today, and discover your new weeknight obsession.

Shop our non-alcoholic wine selection and find yourself a new midweek pick-me-up that’s 100% vegan and gluten-free. Forget worrying about hangovers and headaches. Put the happy back into happy hour with our zero-proof wine options that satisfy your cravings and pair perfectly with your favorite meals.

Tell me more about alcohol-free wine!

Isn't non-alcoholic wine just grape juice?

It's a whole lot more than that! Our 0.0% wines are made with all-natural ingredients, including California wine grapes. They also contain more than 75% less sugar than the leading grape juice brand. They're perfect for special occasions and nights at home when you need some "me time" without the alcohol.

We only choose clean, all natural ingredients and use them to create the authentic, classic wine flavors you know and love. You won’t be able to taste the difference between our alcohol-free wine and its alcoholic, higher-calorie counterpart.

Is non-alcoholic wine healthy?

At less than 60 calories per serving, our wines help you have a good time and leave feeling good too. Now you can attend social gatherings without needing to sacrifice your health goals or sleep quality. Try any of our non-alcoholic wines to see for yourself that staying sober no longer has to mean compromising.

When and where should I drink alcohol-free wine?

Whether you’re searching for light and fruity or dry and bubbly — there’s a flavor for every wine lover to enjoy. Our award-winning alcohol-free wines are an excellent companion to bring with you to your next family dinner, movie night, or summer backyard barbecue.

Who is alcohol-free wine for?

Everyone! Our non-alcoholic wines are safe for pregnant women and anyone else to consume. They contain absolutely zero trace of alcohol, so you can sip easy knowing you're safe from potential danger, harm, or hangover.

Sip on a glass of low-calorie, deliciousness or try adding it to your next mocktail recipe for a beverage that looks and tastes like the real thing. Staying sober won’t have you missing out on the fun. Join the party with a Gruvi beverage in -hand and wake up feeling refreshed.

Doesn't non-alcoholic wine contain some alcohol?

Nope. Our sparkling wines are unfermented and contain absolutely zero alcohol from start to finish. Your kids might even enjoy them! Our Dry Red Blend and Sangria are both dealcoholized, meaning they start as regular California cabernet and then have the alcohol "spun out" in a highly technical process.

However, unlike NA beer, our alcohol-free wine is reduced to an ABV of 0.0%, making them safe to enjoy while pregnant, taking medications, or simply refraining from alcohol altogether.

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