COVID-19 Update

As a small, family business, we recognize the uncertainty & anxiety each new day presents. We want to thank everyone that continues to support us through these strange times.

Here at Gruvi, we want to recognize the crucial impact bars & restaurants have had in growing the non-alcoholic beverage industry. We believe in a world world where everyone can feel comfortable regardless of what’s in their cup, and we are so grateful this industry has shown such strong support for our mission.

Now, we want to give back to those that have supported us since day one. We are donating 10% of each order to the Restaurant Worker’s Community Foundation - where funds will go nationwide towards individual workers, local non-profit organizations, and zero interest loans for restaurants.

We are all in this together, and now is the time to help if you can. We hope you are staying healthy & hopeful at home, just like our family.


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