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Question: Can I drink Grüvi products while pregnant?


Yes- our Grüvi Prosecco and our Grüvi Rosé are both completely alcohol-free! There is no fermentation used in making either wine, so they do not contain even trace amounts of alcohol, which means they are perfectly safe for pregnancy!

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More Resources & Tips Below!

Are you newly pregnant and exploring non alcoholic beverages? Our Grüvi team has compiled a resource list filled with information, tips, mocktail recipes and more! Scroll on to read how you can get Grüvi.

About Grüvi Drinks

Our non alcoholic wines aren’t just great on their own- they make a great mocktail base too! If you want to sip on the best mimosa you’ve ever tasted, mix some orange juice with the Prosecco. Bring it to baby showers and brunches, and watch everyone’s reaction when you tell them that it’s completely alcohol free. Since you’ll be celebrating a lot while pregnant, make sure you have some baby-friendly bubbly on hand.

But what about Grüvi’s non alcoholic beer? Most NA beer contains trace amounts of alcohol, even though it must test under 0.5% ABV to classify as non-alcoholic. Grüvi beers are rigorously tested and pasteurized to prevent any additional fermentation. You can read more on NA beers & pregnancy below!

Interested in learning more about drinking non alcoholic beer during pregnancy?

Check out our newest blog post about NA drinks and pregnancy here:

“Drinking alcohol during pregnancy has been a no-go in modern times. It’s usually the first thing women cut out when they know they’re expecting. Many women even stop drinking before any positive pregnancy test if they’re trying to conceive...But what about non alcoholic beer?”

Wondering about the benefits of beer and breastfeeding?

Read our post about the options you have while nursing:

“In a recent article, we covered the facts on drinking alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages while pregnant. But once the pregnancy is over, is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding? And what about non alcoholic beverages? Let’s start with the current CDC guidelines on drinking while breastfeeding…”

Want to know the best NA options available?

Read our list of the best beer, wines and spirits you can still enjoy while pregnant:

“You’ve got a baby on the way… Congrats! This is an exciting time of your life- except for when it comes to your drink choices… right? Are you now stuck drinking water or juice while everyone else sips on beer, wine, and cocktails? Do you have to miss out on the taste of those for 9 months? Nope!”

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