Grüvi Discovery Series

The bevs included in our Discovery Series are not afraid to shake things up. They’re bold, unforgettable and undeniably delicious — kinda like you.

We're on a mission to push the boundaries in the alcohol-free space and we want YOU to be a part of the journey. That’s why we created the Discovery Series — a collaborative collection of non-alcoholic, award-winning craft beer and wine that is made for you and by you.

After you’ve tried your bev and returned from nirvana, be sure to share your thoughts! The bevs included in our Discovery Series were made for you after all — and you can help us get them just right.

Discovery Series FAQ's

How does the QR code work?

Just scan the QR code and submit your answers to our brief survey to help us improve the next batch! We read every single response that comes through and are proud to produce the best-tasting bevs in the non-alcoholic category, thanks to your help.

Will these bevs become part of the permanent collection?

Most likely, yes! We typically produce 3-4 small batches of these alcohol-free bevs before we decide if we want to keep them on for good, make them a seasonal product, or say goodbye and start working on exciting new recipes.

How is Non Alcoholic Beer made?

The process is very similar to normal beer. Our beer undergoes a full fermentation, but by closely monitoring and adjusting variables along the way, such as temperature, we maintain very low levels of alcohol.

What's the deal with Alcohol Free wine?

Our 0.0% wines are made with all-natural ingredients, including California wine grapes. They also contain more than 75% less sugar than the leading grape juice brand. They're perfect for special occasions and nights at home when you need some "me time" without the alcohol.

We only choose clean, all natural ingredients and use them to create the authentic, classic wine flavors you know and love. You won’t be able to taste the difference between our alcohol-free wine and its alcoholic, higher-calorie counterpart.

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